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The most recent paper was published in August 2013 at the then new medical site/journal, Cureus.  Not surprisingly, it was a bit of an ordeal to breach the wall of science.  This involved substantial rudeness on the part of potential reviewers.  One prominent psychologist, though, dealt with the paper and me in normal fashion.  The site's founder John R. Adler acknowledged this rigidity in pointing out that "[s]cience is many ways its own religion". 

The Cureus paper concentrates on some spectacular intelligence-related phenomena.  With the PDF version here I shrunk the line-spacing a bit from the very spacy recommendations of Cureus.  It still came out to 25 pages with the references. 

Cureus paper

My earlier paper was published in Elsevier's EXPLORE in the November/December 2011 issue.  It is more compact but also a bit more general in introducing a possible transcendental framework.  The downside to this publication site was that it was isolated.  It did provide a nice lead-in for my Cureus paper effort, though.  It is only 13 pages long.


The previously mentioned book has been published and is available as an e-book at iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.  That book is also available as a paperback.  The book is entitled "A Hole in Science: An Opening for an Alternative Understanding of Life" and it covers a number of problem areas for the scientific vision of life.  It also introduces some explanations based on the traditional transcendental understanding.

A revised second edition was published in early April 2016.

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