Response to Criticisms

This page offers some responses to critics of my publications.  

Some limits on my response efforts here.  First, I will try to avoid responding to criticisms of my writing style.  I am a limited writer trying to get across some basic points.  If my efforts are clumsy style-wise that is ok.  

Second, I will try to avoid responding to criticisms with regards to the implausibility of some very unusual behaviors that I have written about.  I believe these behaviors are highly unlikely from a scientific perspective.  The ball is thus in science’s court to try to provide good arguments that they are plausible.  Their implausibility is self-evident and deserves little argumentation.

Third, I will try to limit my responses to criticisms that a transcendental dynamic or explanation is absurd.  For people who believe that this is the case there is probably very little return on providing counterarguments.  The suggestive cases described by investigators like Ian Stevenson, Jim Tucker, and the Leininger’s (Soul Survivor) together are very suggestive that at least in some cases something carries over from a previous life.  Such cases appear to resonate with some of the accepted, unusual behavioral phenomena that I have written about.  But in fact I would argue that if that was all there was to evidence for a transcendental dynamic - some very rare consistent phenomena - then skeptics could rightly be dismissive of the topic.  My interest is with the general scenario of the unfolding missing heritability problem facing science, plus the potential explanations offered by the premodern transcendental perspective.  This mystery has a big and significant who-we-are-and-happens-to-us import to it.

Fourth, my writing efforts are objectively oriented.  I am trying to examine some shortcomings with the modern understanding of life and secondarily some possible premodern explanations.  The writing is oriented towards making sense, not inspiration.  In attempting to debunk the materialist vision, though, some might find some indirect inspiration.  On a related note a few of the books sited in A Hole in Science I personally found inspirational.  And There Was Light was one.  Another was I AM THAT.

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