The focus of this website is the hypothesis that science's material-only (or materialist) description of life is grossly inadequate.  Secondarily, some possible explanations offered by the common premodern transcendental perspective - in which an underlying soul reincarnates - are explored.

The second title above - A Hole in Science - leads to a page containg some links relevant to the book with the same title.  Via those links you can get further information on the book as well as download a PDF file bearing roughly the first one third of the book (plus references).  The closing title above - “Response to Criticisms” - has been setup mostly to respond to criticisms of that book.  The other titles and the following content are related commentary and writeups on the problems facing scientific materialism.  For a simple introduction readers might look at that material first.

An essential gist of modern science is that life - including of course psyche life - is completely describable in terms of material-only processes.  At a microscopic level molecules do their molecular-thing and everything else is simply an expression of those molecular interactions.  End of story.

Pushing aside the scientific hubris, this has never made sense for at least three reasons:

1. Any careful examination of reports of inexplicable (or paranormal) happenings is left with a sense that unless all of these reports reflect gross dishonesty and/or naviety there was something non-materialist going on in some of these cases.  This site only minimally touches on this topic, though.

2. There is a growing list of generally-accepted phenomena which do not make sense from a material-only prespective.  From that perspective, young children can not be born 'knowing things they never learned' and more generally pretty much hitting the pavement running in adult-like focused fashion.  Similarly, young children can not be born knowing they arrived in the wrong gender's body and subsequently living their lives accordingly.  These and other generally accepted, science-challenging phenomena will be considered here.

3. Finally, the expectations associated with one of the scientific pillars of materialism, that an individual's DNA (or molecular blueprint) begets their particulars - and thus for example behavioral genetics and personal genomics (and possibly the origins of some of the conundrums mentioned above in 2.) - are simply getting crushed.  If this abject failure were occurring with regards to an alternative understanding of life (including of course a religious one) this "absolutely beyond belief" failure would by now be drawing plenty of intellectual attention.  This site will examine this unfolding failure (i.e., the missing heritability problem).

This site's effort is somewhat complementary to other efforts to report on phenomena that appear to violate the materialists' vision.  For surveys of such phenomena readers might check out Rupert Sheldrake's Science Set Free or the academic-scaled Irreducible Mind by E. F. Kelley, E. W. Kelly, et al.  This site's primary focus is on examining contradictions or challenges along the heredity front along with some obvious behavioral challenges.

Most of the following "brief" write-ups were limited to 2 pages in (PDF'ed) length.  This should make write-ups printout friendly.  Referencing will be limited in these write-ups but copies of two published papers are also available here.  Also A Hole in Science is thoroughly referenced. 

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